About Wingman Candidate

  • Years of experience in Sector: 30
  • States willing to relocate for work: Florida


Logistics Technican and Military Veteran with a Secret Security Clearance and 21 years of proven experience in supply management, logistics, and inventory control. Possess a comprehensive background in resource allocation, command supply discipline program, property book management, inventory control, and operations management. Adept at translating strategic goals into achievable team tasks, conflict resolution, customer relationship management, logistics planning, and account management.

Assist NAVSUP FLCs to maintain operational inventory validity at a minimum of 98% on
accounts, in accordance with the site’s inventory plan. Perform physical first count inventories
and perpetual inventories resulting in limited second count inventories, to include condition
 Consolidate and deliver individual site inventory results to NAVSUP FLCs and site points of
 Identify inventory deficiencies and provide limited second count causative research.
 Ensure all required documentation such as criteria, checklists, site visit results, and
discrepancies are captured, consolidated, and provided to NAVSUP FLC representatives.
 Interact with site employees to understand their internal location of inventory, including assets
not found but reported, assets reported but not found, and the condition code variances
especially between Ready for Issue (RFI)/Non-Ready for Issue (NRFI) (different valuation
 Keep Na Ali`i project leadership team abreast of any issues of potential impact to achievement’

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